Residential Architects

It’s Your Residential Project. It’s Your Dream.

We are committed to you. From the very first sketch to the completed design, our skilled team of residential architects and designers work directly with you to create your dream project. New homes and residential renovations are designed based on your specific needs and style. We guide you through every step of the process, providing a clear map of the project from beginning to end. You are not only a client, you are a valued collaborator in the residential design process.

Our Process

A Foundation of Communication

It begins with a conversation. You have dreams, goals and challenges. We communicate ideas, strategies and coordinate planning that works for you. With a simple discussion, our team of architects combine aspirations with architectural expertise to start a creative journey together. By talking and learning about your needs, lifestyle and design aesthetic, we provide vision and options to create your personal living space.

The beginning of any architectural project may seem overwhelming, but with Millan Architects as your guide, you will never be lost in the labyrinth of too many choices or feel left out of the process. All aspects of your project will be clear and organized, and we will be accessible to discuss any new ideas or concerns. The project begins and ends with open and fluid communication.

Our Process

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Architectural Design Strategy

Every environment is unique, and every architectural design strategy is tailored to fit your project. Our creative and skilled teams analyze the site to ensure the project combines your design dreams with the character and spirit of the environment.

Zoning regulations, nature’s forces and functional needs are all important factors of any architectural strategy. Our experienced team of designers and planners ensure your new space is properly designed and constructed without compromising the vision and style of the project.

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Quality Home Architecture Inside and Out

Function, comfort and style are achieved using durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly materials and solutions. We discuss building options in-line with your budget and aligned with your project goals. We evaluate the efficiency, initial and life cycle cost and appropriateness of building system options. With our long standing relationships with material suppliers, we select durable, attractive and affordable options on high-quality materials.

We are committed to sustainability and lessening the environmental impact of construction processes and materials. Throughout the design journey, we recommend efficient building solutions and provide in-depth knowledge of environmental issues associated with your project. We are always available to discuss the quality and function of the building systems and materials, keeping you involved and updated.

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Envision Your Residential Design

When you choose Millan Architects for your home architecture project, we ensure your vision is aligned with our designs every step of the way. We provide 3D renderings to give our clients an accurate idea of how the finished product will look. Watch the video to discover how our technology will reflect your residential design.

Featured Residential Projects

Need inspiration? Explore some of our previous projects and see how our vision and artful solutions create brand new living spaces and add style and character to existing architecture.

Designed For You. Built For Life.

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